The (Stupid) Questionnaire

Back by popular demand, yeah, sure, is a copy of that now nearly infamous questionnaire I concocted, stupidly, back around 1980 and inflicted on my family, friends, and acquaintances. You know who you are. Again, thanks to those who actually took the time to complete the idiotic thing and apologies to those who saw it as a waste of time. I meant well. Those special few who did complete it have remained close to my heart through time. And knowing me, you can imagine that I'm still holding grudges for those other ones who didn't even have the courtesy of responding, however bizarre and LONG this thing was!

All of the content has been reproduced here; however, the spacing is naturally different since I don't intend for anyone to complete this one. (But feel free if you are so compelled.)

Too, as you're reading through this stuff, you might wonder why I say "he/she" instead of just referring to me. Good question. I wonder why, too. Actually, I vaguely recall thinking that others might want to use the questionnaire for their own personal journey and self-inspection, so I made it "generic". Ha!

  1. Original Page One:   the premise of this data-gathering attempt
  2. Original Page Two:    the adjectives that describe her
  3. Original Page Three:   how you see her
  4. Original Page Four:   how she sees herself
  5. Original Page Five:   how you and she relate; conversation skills; conflict resolution
  6. Original Page Six:   how well do you know highs, lows, events of her life
  7. Original Page Seven:   criminal/alternative behavior; current status; values of importance
  8. Original Page Eight:    computed quotients (intelligence, maturity, etc.); vacation interests
  9. Original Page Nine:   sheltered socialization scale and hot topics
  10. Original Page Ten:   basic likes/dislikes; wrap-up