The (Stupid) Questionnaire

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16.   What do you find the most fascinating about him/her?

17.   Name something nice he/she did for you. Something mean.

18.   Name one of the best times you had together. One not so good.

19.   What do you think is the most remarkable thing he/she has done?

20.   When do you most like to be around him/her?     When do you least enjoy his/her company?

21.   Have you ever needed him/her?   Yes? No?      Might you?

22.   Would you feel comfortable crying in front of him/her? Having him/her cry in front of you?

23.   To what degrees do you trust each other?

24.    What are some "trigger words" that evoke an extreme/consistent emotional response when mentioned to him/her?    What emotion is usually expressed for each?     Do you try to avoid using these "trigger words" or do you purposely use them?

25.   Conversation Skills:

26.   At a point of conflict, he/she usually:

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