The (Stupid) Questionnaire

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43.   Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) is the numerical value resulting from taking a person's assumed/measured intellectual age and dividing it by his/her chronological age, then multiplying by 100. For example, suppose a girl is 9 years old and has the intellectual capacity of an 18-year old. Her I.Q. would be: intellectual age/chronological age x 100 = 18/9 x 100 = 2 x 100 = 200 (a genius by our standards)

Please estimate the following quotients, using similar methods:

a. Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.)

b. Maturity Quotient (M.Q.)

(e.g.,    maturity age/chronological age x 100 = )

c. Experiencial Quotient (E.Q.)

d. Sexual Activity Quotient (S.A.Q.)

e. Current Events Quotient (C.E.Q.)

f. Fully Human/Interpersonal Quotient (FH/I.Q.)

44.   Rank these as his/her most-desired vacation plans     (1 = most-desired, etc.):

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