The (Stupid) Questionnaire

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48.    What is his/her favorite:

49. What do you think of this questionnaire? Why do you think he/she wants to know these things? If you are completing it, what do you think he/she will do with the information you provide?

If you have chosen not to complete it, why have you elected not to offer your point-of-view?

50. COMMENTS: (Use this space to more completely answer questions for which there wasn't ample room, to comment about anything herein, to add any extra information you'd like, etc.)

Note: This questionnaire is to be returned directly to the subject individual. Therefore, it's entirely possible that he/she will want to ask you about some of your answers (e.g., "Why do you think I'm boring?").

Please check how you feel about this:

P.S. Did you answer/respond honestly to this questionnaire???    Yes?   No?

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