This is a place for Inspirational stuff, Fun-to-Take Self-Scoring Psych Tests, things of general Human Interest, etc.

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   Heartwarming and poignant pictures and articles in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 Attack on America Tragedy. Most of these are circulating around the Internet and email, but I wanted to organize a few I've gotten into one easy-to-find area.
   Tribute to Shadow.  Some last-day pictures, Rainbow Bridge poem, death certificate, etc.
   My experiences with Jury Duty.  Recap I wrote from serving on two juries in the 80s, scans of many of my subsequent summons', etc.
   The Inspirational Oriah Mountain Dreamer poem.  Has some important points about what's really important in life and with people.
   Something for General Attitude Improvement:   It's All About Attitude.
   Lyrics to a wonderful song by Andrew Lloyd Weber:   Love Changes Everything (with instrumental background music).
   The Bach Flower Essences. This area categorizes the twenty-eight essences by the symptoms they treat and offers enough information about each one to help decide what may benefit you.
   The best self-help book in the world! (Okay, okay, it was written by a friend and I haven't actually read it yet, but that's another story.)
   The Quantum Mechanical Body chart. (Somewhat difficult to read, but I'll add more about it later.)
   The Audio Books in my collection. (Most of them are self-help or certainly in the area that fits into psychology and inspiration!)

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