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Well, it's hard to believe, but there are over 3400 lights here! Too bad California is having an energy crisis and we can only turn them on for brief periods! Bah humbug!

Well, here it is; my house for 2000!

Closer look at half the front yard in daylight.

Another view of the front side of my house.

Front side of my house in the day.

Those crafty elves helping each other get up on my roof again!

A pasted-together whole-house photo, but check out later photos for my garage door and roof decorations!

Nighttime (duh!) close-up of some of the festive decor.

Lots of kids love this one most! Good ol' Frosty the Snowman!

The first "blow mold" decoration I got. It sort of got me started! Isn't he cute, though?

What it looks like at night when my camera has had too much eggnog! Kinda pretty though, eh?!!
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