Jill of All Trades, Mistress of None...

Some of my Trophies, Medals, and Ribbons

I've managed to earn a few trophies over the years and since they seem to be in a variety of areas, they tell a little about this character we know as dear Donna! And although adding the dates will in fact "date" me, it helps put things in perspective.

Golf (First Flight Champion, Sinclair, Wyoming Golf Course, 1969)

Table Tennis (University of Wyoming, around 1974, women's division)

Table Tennis (Western Athletic Conference championships in Roswell, New Mexico, where I represented the University of Wyoming women's team and won this award for Champion Doubles Team). Click on image for larger photo.

Table Tennis (Monterey, CA, around 1976, USO championships)

Table Tennis (Mitchell International Technology Cup 2009 where I won $100 and nice engraved trophy (now displayed in the building's lobby display case!) for Doubles. Click photo for more images from Awards Ceremony.)

Table Tennis (St. George, UT and several places in CA, 2006, several Senior Tournament championships; Click photo for more images.)

Steel Plate Matches (shooting); and no, I didn't shoot the bear; he's just in between the two trophies so it doesn't look like I duplicated the photo of one! These were in January and February of 1993 in Temecula at Branson's Shooting Range (now defunct), the women's division.

Miscellaneous ribbons for watercolor awards at Temecula Valley Art League and one for Halloween Decorating Contest at work (click image for larger picture).

Rainbow Range Combat Match Red Pins (5 stages of 6 targets each in under 60 seconds total with 5-sec penalties for each miss)
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