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For anyone who's ever wanted to know a little bit more about what goes on in my "grey matter," this is the place to be.  Move the mouse over various parts of the brain and click if you find something interesting.   Basically, this is just a place for a variety of things I've always wanted to share with the world (ready or not) or leave to my nephews as my legacy.
Visitor Support Center!  Here you'll find interesting links, FAQs, a site search tool, a feedback form, and What's New on the site.  Should serve as a useful section for navigating through the recesses of my mind.
Visitor Support Center, Links, Feedback Form, Site Search, misc. Tools, and other Left Brain things Photo gallery
Word Play, Puns, Riddles, Humor, Fun Inspiration and Psychology
All About Me! Right Brain wonders, my creations, etc.
Every personal website needs a photo gallery, right?   Here you'll find more pictures of Donna, the pups, her family and friends, etc. than you'd ever want to see!
The starting place for Fun and Games.   This will eventually house fun computer diversions, games, etc., but for now it's a place to go to tickle your funny bone with wordplay, puns, humorous stories, cartoons, and jokes. The gears that drive the whole machine...otherwise known as the area for things psychological and inspirational.   Much more inspiration to come, but for now, there's a bit about Bach Flower Essences and a great psych/self-help book written by a dear friend.
Talk about Individuality!   All about ME, but mostly just the left brainy stuff, like lists and more lists, movie reviews, likes and dislikes, etc. The right-brainiest part of my life:   all my creations.   Here you'll find photography I've done, sculptures I've created, paintings I've brushed together, stories I've written, sketches I've charcoaled, etc.
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