Donna, Donna, & More Donna!

Enjoy this random collection of some silly or favorite photos of myself.  (See also especially Cruise Photos.)

(If the cursor changes to a "hand" over the photo, then click it for a larger image.)

A bunch of sorority sisters and I playing like a chorus line (I guess). I'm the one in the middle with the KKG in yellow letters.

The whole family at Mom and Dad's gala 50th Anniversary party in Rawlins.   I'm the tanned one in the yellow jacket.

All the family at Jeff and Terri's wedding in Michigan.   (I'm the one on the far right with the beautiful chest.)

Try as I might, it was tough in college to develop a taste for beer.   (But I tried and tried until I got it right!)

One of my visits to Casper.   Notice my drawings in the background at Mom and Dad's.

In Laramie for Betty's wedding.   I didn't mind this snowball, I guess.

The Email Queen (US Customs' Email Administrator role)

Fubsy the Clown with all her nephews (all there were at that time).

That wonderful gang from CTB/McGraw-Hill.  (Meredith, Gary, me, Markham, Sue, ??, and Skippy.)

Me with my four nephews in Pinedale (time of Grandma's funeral).

Darling, precious, sweet little picture of me from my innocent youth.

Sailing (with nice tan!) in Anapolis (on Bob Trimble's boat).

Scott Stovall and I before one of the Kappa formals at UW.

Newborn Brian isn't too thrilled (notice he's sticking out his tongue) with his doting Aunt Donna!

Now he seems to be enjoying my company (and I certainly love his).

In Salt Lake, when my first two nephews (Thad and Brian) were infants.

Me with the Chairman when I served as part of the U.S. Delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

I'm getting a final briefing from one of the big cheeses at U.S. Customs before I head over to work in Brussels, Belgium, for the Customs Cooperation Council as the U.S. Technical Attaché.

Back in University of Wyoming days when a photographer snapped a pic of me sitting in the audience, waiting for my sorority's turn to sing at some competition.

A visit to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the magnificent Grand Tetons. I'm here with my friend Sandra Hathaway (then the governor's daughter).

In the summer of 1999 when my sister and her kids visited, I hired a limo to take us to Universal Studios.

This is us posing with the transportation!

And naturally, we had to have the chauffeur take us to McDonald's in the limo. And YES, Kevin's hair is bright blue!

Us waving from the centerpiece of Universal Studios. Kevin's giving an "all thumbs up" for the great day we had.

All ready for Betty's rehearsal dinner.

A silly (and poor quality) hotel photo during my romantic rendezvous with Carl in Tucson.

A great day of golf with sister and the nephews last summer.   And no one managed to get run over by a golf cart or otherwise injured for once!

Some Halloween fun last year (1999).

I used some of that cheap Halloween hair spray to really color my hair RED, but I kinda liked it!

This is how I look and feel if I don't get enough sleep. (Similar to a favorite Halloween costume of mine.)