Frogs and more Frogs

Why I can't find more photos is beyond me, but here are some that show a bit about how many there were and how tiny and agile they were.

(Hold mouse over each for a brief description.)
The porch light attracted them so they were often found climbing the aluminum siding!
Mostly they stayed hidden in the grass, until they got completely out of control, but here are a few hiding and a few that ventured out onto the sidewalk.  I've drawn boxes around each to help you find them.
This was the outside front door to my building.  Notice the frogs on the little window ledges.  As we'd open the doors to go in and out, the frogs would sometimes fall down on the people, or onto the door knob so we couldn't grab it.
The tiny size of a frog, as compared to a quarter.   More frogs on the siding, at dusk.